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Roseland Park Elementary holds 'Read around the World' night for families

Roseland Park Elementary School students showed their literary prowess last week at the school’s Literary Fair. Students selected a book to read and made a project board and did a presentation explaining the plot, characters and emotions of the story.

Students could choose between a fiction or non fiction book and the projects were put into categories according to the book genre – adventure, mystery, realistic fiction, fantasy/fairy tale, historical fiction, biography/autobiography and informational.

The Mississippi Department of Education, in a continuing effort to bring technology into the classroom, offered students in 6th grade the option to do a digital project instead of the traditional backboard. Eighteen students created a presentation in Google slides.

A “Read around the World” themed family night was held on October 19 in which all projects were on display. Students received a passport when they entered the building so that they could “travel” to the many countries. Students and families enjoyed activities such as visiting the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, making maracas in Mexico, painting Aboriginal art in Australia and much more.

The 1st place winners in each category will move on to the district fair on November 15.

To see a list of the winners, visit Roseland Park Elementary’s website at


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