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Picayune Police officer makes drug arrest after observing suspicious activity

Brian Keith Harris

Just before midnight on October 15th, a Picayune Police officer was performing a business security check at a local establishment on Ridge Road when he observed a 2002 Nissan Frontier pull into the parking lot of the business and then go to the rear of the business.

The officer followed the vehicle to the back of the business, but then the vehicle exited the parking lot at a high rate of speed back onto Ridge Road. The officer was able to conduct a traffic stop for suspicious activity a short distance from the business, according to Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri.

The driver, identified as Brian Harris, age 51, 113 Marcie Lane, Carriere, informed the officer that his driver’s license was suspended and he did not have any insurance. While speaking with Harris, the officer observed the suspect to be extremely nervous and visibly shaken. The officer also noticed that Harris was picking up items in the vehicle and moving them for no apparent reason.

The officer asked Harris to exit the vehicle and performed a pat-down on him. During the pat-down, the officer found a plastic bag containing a crystal substance believed to be Crystal Methamphetamine.

Harris was taken into custody and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, transported to the Criminal Justice Center, book on the charges, and incarcerated according Assistant Chief Magri.


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