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Suspects help in their own arrests

Once in a while, criminals make it a little easier for law enforcement by coming to the officers versus being pursued. Others just defy the odds with comments that make you wonder what they were thinking. Picayune Police had one in each of those categories recently.

Trinity Robbirds

According to Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri, at around 8:04pm on September 24th, a corrections officer contacted a Picayune Police officer and informed him that Trinity Robbirds, age 37, of 3604 21 Street, Gulfport, MS, was coming to the Picayune Criminal Justice Center (CJC) to drop off items to an inmate. Before Robbirds arrived, officers checked Robbirds background through dispatch and it was learned that Robbirds had an outstanding warrant from Harrison County, MS.

A short time later, Picayune Police observed Robbirds standing outside the CJC next to a black Toyota Corolla at which time they came in contact with her. The officers obtained Robbird’s driver’s license and ran a check through dispatch to verify her identity and to confirm the active warrant. At this time, Robbirds was taken into custody for the outstanding warrant from Harrison County, Magri stated.

The officers performed an inventory search of Robbirds vehicle and found a small bag in the glove box containing a small glass pipe with crystal residue inside. Officers also found a clear plastic baggie containing a crystal like substance believed to be Crystal Methamphetamine. Robbirds was additionally charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and incarcerated at the CJC.

In another case, Picayune Police were conducting a safety checkpoint on East Canal Street near Loftin Avenue on September 26th at approximately 3:30pm when they came in contact with a black Saturn driven by Jeremy Lane Bass, age 28, of 18 Magnolia Drive, Picayune, according to Magri.

Jeremy Lane Bass

While speaking with Bass, officers could smell a strong odor believed to be marijuana coming from inside of Bass’ vehicle. Officers asked Bass for his driver’s license and proof of insurance. One of the officers asked Bass what was the strong odor coming from inside the vehicle? Bass stated, “You know what it is. It’s marijuana.”

Magri said that Bass then reached into the center console in front of the gear shift and produced a white metal tin which contained a green leafy substance identified by Bass to be marijuana. In the meantime, a check through NCIC showed that Bass’ driver’s license was suspended. Bass was also unable to provide proof of insurance.

At this time, Bass was taken into custody and transported to the CJC where he was booked and incarcerated for Possession of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle. Bass was written citations for Driving with Suspended License and No Insurance, according to Magri.


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