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Undercover operation by Picayune Police Narcotic Detectives nets two arrests

Tony "Tiger" Douglas Bennett

Jessie Ray "Boo Boo" Burnett

The Picayune Police Department Narcotic Detectives executed an undercover drug sting operation that resulted in the arrest of two local suspects according to Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri. The location of the sting operation was arranged at a local store on Frontage Road in Picayune.

On September 20th at approximately 8:14pm, Narcotic Detectives arranged to provide Tony "Tiger" Douglas Bennett, age 39, of 23080 Oak Ridge Lane in Picayune, MS, with money in exchange for narcotics. Upon giving the money to Bennett, the Undercover Narcotic Detective learned from Bennett that another suspect would be arriving a short time later to deliver the narcotics to Bennett to complete the transaction with the Detectives.

Narcotic Detectives conducted several conversations with Bennett while other members of the Narcotic's Division and Picayune Police Patrol setup a concealed perimeter around the Undercover Narcotic Detective and Bennett. Moments later, a gold Mercury Grand Marquis arrived on the scene driven by Jessie Ray "Boo Boo" Burnett, age 37, of 930 Clover Circle, Picayune, MS. Detectives recognized Burnett who had an active felony warrant for Possession of a Controlled Substance with an intent to Distribute within 1500 feet of a School / Church and an active warrant for Tampering with Physical Warrant from a previous case. Narcotic Detectives observed Bennett approach Burnett when the transaction occurred.

Bennett then approached the Detective and completed the hand to hand transaction. Bennett was detained by the Detective and found to be in possession of several empty, clear plastic bags and a white bottle containing a crystal substance believed to be Crystal Methamphetamine, several pills identified as Codeine (Schedule II), and several used empty syringes. At this time, Burnett left the scene in his vehicle at a high rate of speed attempting to elude the officers deployed at the scene.

Picayune Police Patrol Division (PPPD) pursued Burnett who turned right on Highway 43 South headed toward Kiln. PPPD advised Hancock County Sheriff's Department deputies (HCSD) of the pursuit and they deployed several spike strips at the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 603.

PPPD continued the pursuit and when they arrived at the intersection, Burnett went off the road to avoid the spike strips and PPPD did the same. Burnett turned south on Highway 603 and HCSD joined the pursuit with the PPPD. Burnett lost control of his vehicle a short time later at the intersection of Highway 603 and Kiln-Delisle Road causing it to roll over numerous times. Burnett was apprehended by officers from both agencies involved in the pursuit. Burnett received medical attention from Hancock County medical personnel and he was found to be in good health.

Assistant Chief Magri said that Burnett was returned to the Criminal Justice Center in Picayune and Detectives later located a clear plastic bag containing a crystal like substance in his rectum. Burnett was charged with Sale of Controlled Substance within 1500 feet of a school or church, Introducing Contraband into a Jail Facility (felony), Conspiracy to Sell a Controlled Substance within 1500 feet of a school or church, Conspiracy Failure to Yield when a Police Officer Signals (felony), Possession of a Controlled Substance (felony), Resisting Arrest by Fleeing, and felony warrants held by the Picayune Police Department for Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute within 1500 feet of a school or church, and Tampering with Physical Evidence (felony).

Bennett was placed under arrest for Sale of Controlled Substance with 1500 feet of a school or church ( 2 counts), and Conspiracy to Sell a Controlled Substance within 1500 feet of a school or church.


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