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Water system work on Thursday to force boil water notice for some city residents

City of Picayune Public Works Director Eric Morris notified WRJW News that a boil water notice will be necessary on Thursday due to work that is scheduled to be performed on the city water system from the corner of Goodyear Blvd to Quince Street. This will include residents on Quince Street who reside on the east side of the street according to Morris.

"We will have a water outage beginning at 9:00am on Thursday and it should not last past 5:00pm. We want to give residents ample warning to make preparations for the outage," Morris said. "This work is a continuation of our (city) Water Rehabilitation Project."

Morris stated that the boil water notice will go into effect as soon as service is restored and will remain in place until samples are taken from the water system and sent to the Mississippi Department Health for testing and the city receives notification that the water is safe to drink.

As is always the case for boil water notices, residents are reminded to boil their water vigorously for 1 minute before using it for consumption purposes (drinking or cooking).


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