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Picayune Police make drug arrest during traffic stop

Picayune Narcotics Detectives made a drug arrest as the result of a traffic stop of a Pearl River, Louisiana man who was weaving his vehicle all over the road on Highway 11 South in Picayune.

While conducting proactive criminal patrolling on July 24th, Picayune Police Narcotic Detectives observed a black Kia van traveling northbound on Highway 11 near the south end of the Picayune city limits that was weaving back forth on the roadway, crossing the center line several times and leaving the road multiple times around 7:00pm.

A traffic stop on the van was initiated for the careless driving that was observed. The driver was asked for a driver’s license and proof of valid insurance. The driver was identified as Charles Cody Delaughter, age 32, of 69-498 16 Section Road, Pearl River, Louisiana.

While speaking with DeLaughter, detectives observed his eyes to be blood shot and his body movements to be very slow. DeLaughter was offered a Standardized Field Sobriety Test and he complied. The test was given by a Picayune Police officer, and as a result of the test, DeLaughter was detained for D.U.I.

While the sobriety test was being administered, Narcotic Detectives conducted a search of DeLaughter’s van and found a WD-40 canister. After further investigation, detectives discovered the WD-40 canister had a false bottom. This type of canister is commonly used for the concealment and transport of illegal narcotics.

Inside the canister, Narcotic Detectives located a large amount of prescription medication identified as white Oxycodone 10mg--a Schedule II controlled substance; blue Morphine 15mg--a Schedule II controlled substance; green Clonazepam 1mg--a Schedule IV controlled substance; blue Xanax 0.5mg--a Schedule IV controlled substance, Gabapentin, a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance, and a clear plastic baggie storage multiple clear baggies commonly used for drug packaging.

DeLaughter was arrested and charged with two counts of Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia , D.U.I. 1st offense, and Careless Driving. Detectives seized two hundred forty dollars ($240.00) of miscellaneous cash due to it being within close proximity of illegal narcotics.

DeLaughter was transported to Highland Hospital where he submitted to a blood test. After the blood test was performed, he was transported to the Criminal Justice Center and incarcerated on his charges at the time of arrest.


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