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Wilkes unofficial winner in District 108 race

In Tuesday’s race for the State Representative District 108 seat, Stacey Wilkes was the unofficial winner with 1,375 votes or 50.5%, Tavish Kelly was second with 812 votes or 29.8%, and Jerry Frazier received 531 votes or 19.5%. These numbers include the 121 absentee votes counted last night.

Of the 18,392 registered voters in the District, only 2,602 ballots were cast or 14.15 percent of the registered voters.

According to Circuit Clerk Nance Stokes, there are still 32 affidavit votes to be validated and counted and that could take up to five days since one of the voters ballot in that group was unable to present proper identification when they voted. Stokes stated the voter has up to five days to bring in a valid id in order to have the voter’s ballot counted.

If any of the 32 affidavit votes are disqualified or if Stacey Wilkes receives one of those votes, she is the winner and there will not be a runoff needed as she would had received 50 percent plus one vote of the total votes cast.

WRJW news spoke with Ms. Wilkes last night after the election and she gave this statement.

“I am overwhelmed by the support of so many people in our community. While I am excited at this point about the current vote totals, I am aware that we must wait for the affidavit process to finish before making any statement or declaration of winning.”

WRJW will stay in contact with Circuit Clerk Nance Fitzpatrick-Stokes as the affidavit votes are validated.


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