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Picayune Police make multiple arrests

On July 17th at around 5:41pm, Narcotics Detectives with the Picayune Police Department were conducting proactive criminal patrolling when they observed a maroon van traveling south bound on Moody Street. The Detectives observed the driver of the vehicle was not wearing a seatbelt and the vehicle was weaving back and forth across the center line of the road and actually leaving the road, several times. Narcotic Detectives conducted a traffic stop on the van for no seatbelt and careless driving.

When the detectives approached the van, they asked for a driver’s license and proof of valid insurance from the driver, David Wesley Slayton, age 34, address of 162 Bluebird Lane, Picayune. The officers learned that Slayton’s license was suspended for controlled substance violations and he did not have valid insurance.

While speaking with Slayton, the detectives observed his body to be jerking in a uncontrollable manner and his speech was at a very rapid pace which is a common sign of the use of crystal Methamphetamine. Detectives then noticed an infant laying in a child restraint in the front seat of the van. Slayton was ordered out of the vehicle and a search was performed on the suspect. Detectives found two clear plastic bags containing a crystal substance believed to be crystal Methamphetamine in Slayton’s shorts pocket.

A search of the vehicle revealed several days old baby formula which contained dead cockroaches and several other insects, several day old diapers containing human feces, and a pile of dirty clothing obstructing the driver’s view.

Slayton was offered a standardized field sobriety test and the State’s test of his breath on the portable breath tester at which time he refused.

Slayton was placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance (Felony), Child Neglect/Abuse (Felony), Endangering a Child by D.U.I, D.U.I. 1st Offense (Refusal), Child Restraint Law, Driving While License Suspended, No Insurance, Seatbelt Violation, and Obstructed View. The infant was later released to its mother and a copy of the incident was forwarded to Child Protective Services.

On July 20th at 9:45pm, Picayune Police were conducting a safety checkpoint on North Beech Street near long bridge. A vehicle driven by Kailey Seal, age 19, address 17 Panther Circle, Picayune, was stopped. Officers could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and had Seal pull the vehicle to the side of the road.

Seal and her passenger, Vardel Jones, age 21, address 17 Panther Circle, Picayune, were asked to exit the vehicle. While speaking with Seals and Jones, officers observed their eyes to be bloodshot and drowsy. A search of the vehicle was conducted a brown, hand rolled cigar butt containing a green leafy substance in the center console of the Mercury Montego believed to be marijuana.

Jones was arrested for possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana) and Seal under arrest for D.U.I. (1st offense) and other for being under the influence of marijuana. Jones was transported to the Criminal Justice Center. Seal was advised of implied consent for her blood and she agreed to. Seal was transported to Highland Hospital where blood was drawn and then she was transported to the Criminal Justice Center.

On July 17th, at 3:05pm, officers assisted a Narcotics Detective on Palestine Road near Bay Street for an intoxicated person, identified as Fred Randall Holt, address of 136 Huntington Drive, Picayune, running up and down the road acting suspiciously. The detective performed a pat down search for officer safety on Holt and he found a used syringe in his left front pocket that Hold said he had used to inject earlier in the day. The detective noticed that Holt’s eyes were bloodshot and constricted, his actions were nervous and fidgety. Holt was arrested for Public Drunk and Possession of Paraphernalia.

On July 13th, Picayune Police arrested Brandon Lewis Kennard, age 25, address of 2402 Jackson Landing Road, Picayune, for an outstanding warrant for breaking into a coin-operated machine.

On July 14th, Picayune Police arrested Charles Pierre Jordan, age 40, address of 109 South Banks Avenue, Picayune, for shoplifting at a local supermarket located on 2308 Highway 11 North in Picayune.


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