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Supervisors relay complaints on tags

During Wednesday's meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, the Board relayed complaints that citizens have been voicing about those individuals that appear to be living in Mississippi, but driving cars with Louisiana license plates.

Board Vice President Hudson Holliday asked Sheriff David Allison to address how to deal with Louisiana license plates that citizens are asking about how to address the situation.

Sheriff Allison told the Board “If the person with the out of state tag stays three consecutive nights in Mississippi, the law states they should have a Mississippi tag.”

Allison added, “We need people to report it to us with a vehicle description and an address and we can go by their house and cite them for it. If they deny it, then we can watch it for the three nights, them prove it in court, and then cite them. We can’t do anything like pull them over during a traffic stop and cite them, but the law will allow us to go to their house. It comes down to the public getting the information to us.”

Board President Sandy Kane Smith asked if this apply to renters as well as homeowners and Sheriff Allison said it applies to both. Allison also stated it applies to company vehicles, but Allison stated “even though it applies, we try use common sense when a person has a company vehicle and a company let’s them drive it home.”

Allison said,“we got with the tax office and they’ve suspended their homestead exemption and their property taxes, so it hits them pretty hard.”

The Board and Sheriff Allison are asking for help from Pearl River County citizens to help them crack down on those violating the law driving vehicles with out of state tags.


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