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Police Camps Get Foundation Funding Help

Clyde Dease, center, presents a Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation grant to Picayune Police Chief Bryan Dawsey and Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri for the annual Picayune Police Department Summer Camps for youth.

Kids attending the Picayune Police Summer Camps this year did so with the help of the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation.

The foundation approved a grant of $10,504 to fund the majority of the expenses for the two one-week camps.

“The summer camp allows the youth to interact with the local police department through activities that educate them in areas of law enforcement, fire safety, electrical safety, tobacco free education, respect, manners and other aspects of life,” Police Chief Bryan Dawsey said.

Camp for 7- through 9-year-olds was held June 12-16 with 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds meeting the week of June 26 at Picayune Junior High School. Activities included karaoke, bowling, movies, laser tag, delivering canned goods to senior citizens and art class. The last day of each camp featured a cookout and waterslides at Jack Read Park.

“The foundation is pleased to join forces with the Picayune Police Department to provide social and educational enrichment to our children during the summer months,” Foundation President, Clyde Dease said. “The summer camps provide an opportunity for youngsters to apply the knowledge they learn in the regular school year, to learn new skills in both communications and arts/crafts and to learn the importance of helping to build one’s community. These camps will also improve working relationships between the community and police.”

The Picayune Police Department started the camps 15 years ago.


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