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Bryce shows them how to get dirty on the Bachelorette

Guys from Carriere are known to play in the mud now and then, but have any ever wrestled in the mud on network television for one girl's affection? Well our very own Bryce Powers did just that Monday night.

On week three of ABC's The Bachelorette, Bryce was finally invited on a date with Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. He, along with seven other guys, received the second group invite of the night which read:

"Sometimes in relationships, women have to take charge."

Rachel had her Bachelor buddies, Jasmine, Alexis, Raven, Corinne, and Ashley (former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestants) come on to plan this group date and help Rachel judge her fellas. To start the group date off the girls ushered the guys onto a party bus, where they demanded a show on the pole from the only firefighter on the bus, Bryce.

After showing off his moves, Bryce was asked by one of Rachel's friends, Raven, which of the guys Rachel should be wary of.

"The guy that I see being the least appropriate for Rachel is Eric," Bryce answered.

Shortly after, the party bus then arrived at its destination, "The Cowboy Palace." Once inside Bryce and the rest of the guys, found a wrestling ring with a mud pit in the middle. The men were then instructed to strip down to shorts and prepare for battle.

"It's wild," Bryce said. "These girls are all over the place screaming and hollering and then you look down and it looks like horse sh**."

For the most part the guys seemed cool with crawling in a mudpit surrounded by screaming women, but some of the men were pretty apprehensive about the possibility of facing off against Kenny, 35, a professional wrestler from Las Vegas known as 'Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King.'

"These dudes about to get whooped today," Keeny bragged before the matches began. "If I were those dudes I'd be extremely nervous, but hey man, all's fair in love and war."

"I consider myself the most athletic guy of the whole group," Bryce bragged, saying he also grew up constantly wrestling his brothers. "I'm in my element."

After several rounds of elimination it finally came down to Bryce and Kenny - Kenny obviously being favored to win.

"Kenny is scary." Bryce said. "Kenny is a professional wrestler. He's bigger than me and more experienced. I think he'll have the upper hand but I think I can hold my own. "

And hold his own he did because after a few rounds in the mud with Kenny, Bryce came out the victor.

"I haven't been out of the house yet and then to win the match, it feels good," Bryce said.

After getting hosed off Bryce found himself in muddy water again though, when his remarks to Raven about Eric came back to haunt him during the night portion of the group date. After Raven warned Rachel about Eric, explaining to her that both Bryce and Lee had doubts about his motives - Rachel decided to confront Eric and totally threw Bryce to the wolves (or wolf pup rather) by telling Eric what Bryce had said about him on the bus.

Eric then turned right around and confronted both Bryce and Lee (drama, drama, drama) about what Rachel had just told him.

"I never questioned your motives for being here. Some people will take what you say and twist it and try to use it against you," Bryce replied. "Myself, I don't feel like this is one of those situations."

While Lee and Eric continued to hash it out, it seemed like Eric and Bryce might have buried the hatchet (even though it's kinda hard to decipher these guy 'cat fights').

The Lee and Eric drama continued on through the rest of the episode and even interrupted the Rose Ceremony at the end, so you'll have to tune into ABC next Monday at 7 to see if Bryce will get a rose and keep up the dirty work of winning Rachel's heart.


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