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Tax Notices are Correct

Sample Notice shown here

If you received a notice about upcoming taxes due in Pearl River County and found it to be confusing with the name printed at the top of the card notice, don’t be alarmed. This is a valid form and here is what happened.

The state of Mississippi decided to no longer print notices and mail them to county residents. However, Pearl River County Tax Collector Gary Beech felt it was a good practice to notify tax payers in order to avoid the possibility of a county resident forgetting to pay a required, due tax and possibly be assessed a late fee.

Since the state of Mississippi would not send out the notices anymore, Mr. Beech’s office had to hire a contractor to mail the notices. The contractor inadvertently made a mistake and listed Ms. Darlene Hyatt, who is the contact for the county with contractor, on the forms that mailed to county residents.


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